Buying a home can be one of the most exciting experiences of your life. This can be true whether you’ve purchased several homes or you’re preparing to buy for the first time. With the right support system and the help of a trusted real estate advisor, you can make the most informed decisions.


The decision to sell your home is a big one. Whether this will be your first time on the selling side of the real estate process or you’ve done it several times before, as a trusted real estate professional, we can help you navigate the process and help answer any questions you may have.


South Bay is one of the ideal places to live your version of a Southern Californian dream. But renting a home in South Bay isn’t a bed of roses, it is very competitive. Hiring a real estate professional and learn some tips will help in your task and make renting a house in South Bay less stressful and frustrating.


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Yui Ueno

My business is not run on 9-5 basis, it is pretty much a whenever my eyes are open business. Because I fully understand that buying or selling a home is a major decision for you that can be filled with apprehension and concerns, my job is to help you find the right home that meets your needs and to make the home-buying or home-selling process efficient, stress-free and successful.

人生における最大の投資の一つである「家」。 買うにしても、売るにしても、豊かな未来に繋がる投資であることは間違い無いです。その豊かな未来を実現プロセスをお手伝いすることは、私にとって最高の喜びであり、使命だと思っています。 大きな売買なので、初めての方は、不安もいっぱいだと思います。ロサンゼルスの不動産マーケットの現状を理解し、売買の戦略、プロセス、費用、そして裏事情まで、、、お客様に全体像を見ていただいた上で、「複雑なプロセスをシンプル」にして、説明させていただくよう心がけています。迅速な対応、誠実なコミュニケーションを大切にしています。また中国語&日本語&英語の三ヶ国語に精通しており、様々な場面での交渉事を安心してお任せいただけます。 私が所属しているRE/MAX ESTATE PROPERTIESはロサンゼルス内に15箇所のオフィスがあり、不動産法律に精通する弁護士も常駐してます。2010年より毎年、サウスベイエリアにおいて最大のSales volumeの実績があります。RE/MAX ESTATE PROPERTIESというネットワークをご利用していただけるのは、大きなベネフィットになります。 まず、日本語でお気軽にお問い合わせください!

Yui Ueno
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keita hagiwara
keita hagiwara
Mrs.Ueno is very kind and helpfull agent I've ever met! Me and my wife were first time to move in by ourself so we didn’t know how it works but she answers us everything we asked and also some tips we should know. She made our self very clear and I would like to ask her again when we have another chance to move in and out.
Miho K
Miho K
今回ユイさんにご協力頂き、私達はとても素晴らしい物件に出会うことができました。 彼女はとても仕事が早く、常に気を配り、迅速に対応して下さいました。 プロフェッショナルな知識と経験を持ち合わせており、的確で丁寧なアドバイスも頂きました。 とてもフレンドリーで明るく、私達は楽しい気持ちで家探しをすることが出来ました。
Atsushi Koge
Atsushi Koge
Yui is a great agent to work with. She is friendly and communicative. She really goes above and beyond for her clients with exceptional professionalism. I highly recommend working with her for all of your real estate needs!
Julie K.
Julie K.
Yui has been my realtor for the past 3 years. She is amazing! She is professional and thoughtful. She made insightful recommendations in regards to my applications which have ended up helping me. Her persistence, in-depth knowledge, and work connections paid off in finding me my perfect home. I am forever grateful for her assistance and I highly recommend her!
I worked with Yui over the summer to list my property and have taken time in writing my review to allow for the dust to settle and see if I should include anything that came up after signing the contract. Please to say I couldn't be happier! I am fortunate that she is multilingual and exactly what I was looking for. Yui immediately got to work and gave me a good review of the current market condition and neighborhood. Based on recent upgrades and comparables, she suggested an acceptable pricing range and strategy for listing. Long story short, my place was on the market for about 2 weeks and after only 1 open house and a few last minute showings we had lots of interest and a few offers over asking price. Even with the higher offers she helped me decided to go with the 'best qualified' which turned out to be the best choice and paved the way for a fast and smooth closing. I anticipated a few hiccups since nothing goes perfectly as planned, so I was pleasantly surprised at how timely and responsive she was on things beyond our control. There were several unanticipated scheduling setbacks with painters, new flooring/landscaping contractors and interior cleaning but like a champ she adapted with ease, and consistently called / contacted me in a timely manner. Never once did I doubt her competency or professionalism. And for icing on the cake, now that the market has cooled a bit, I've decided to hold off on purchasing / upgrading right away - I never felt any pressure or heard 'it's always a good time to buy/purchase' like some realtors say. I'll definitely will request her help when ready and wouldn't hesitate to recommend her for your realtor! J


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Yui was just so diligent and speedy! There were a series of situations that required very quick decisions, but each time she gave me the information and advice I needed to make a decision, which allowed me to make the offer quickly and comfortably. After the offer was made, Yui gave me precise instructions on how to submit the required documents, prepared a nice letter to the seller, collected information, and gave me advice on how to respond to the counter-offer, etc. Thanks to her kindness, I was able to successfully purchase this property. After the purchase, she carefully explained all the necessary and important information about the complicated procedures one by one so that even I, knowing very little about purchasing a house, could understand them. She also proactively took care of the less important matters on my behalf. I was able to proceed without stress or anxiety, despite the fact that I was making a major purchase at a time when I was busy with other things, and in a country with different laws and cultures. Several times during the escrow period, she accompanied me to measure the size of the room for my furniture purchase plan. On the 39th day from the morning I received the information about the open house, I received the key to my new house. My first buying a house in the U.S. was a roller coaster experience, but I was able to proceed with ease thanks to Yui. Thank you so much for all your help!
by Kazu K.
私達が初めて家を購入するときにとてもお世話になりました。軽い気持ちで家を見に行ったところ、とても気にいる家に出会い、購入を決めましたが、何をしたら良いのか何が必要なのかまったくわかりませんでした。そんな私達のために、何度も時間をとって説明してくれて、書類の準備から手続きすべてを丁寧に進めてくれました。他からもいくつかオファーがあった中私達が購入することができたのも、私達がいかに家を気に入ったかという気持ちを丁寧にセラー側へ伝えてくれたおかげだと思っています。 初めての購入ということで、何度も不安になったり、やっぱり購入はやめようかとも思ったりしましたが、そのたびに私達の気持ちに寄り添って話を聞いて不安を解消してくれました。今では子供が新しいお家大好きと言って喜んで過ごしてくれているので、購入できて本当によかったと思っています。
by Junko K.
Yui is very responsible and detailed oriented. She worked really hard to make sure my need is fulfilled and go through the documents with me extensively. She’s also very understanding and patient especially when I need to withdraw my previous offer. I would definitely recommend her to my friends.
by Peiyu Z.
She is timely, precise, committing, and kind. My case was so challenging because the area was so competitive but we finally found the best place thanks to her. She has plenty of experience and she shares tips and tricks for your best result. I would definitely recommend her to anybody looking for a place to live in the area. 正確で素早く、細かいところまでサポートが行き届いています。私の場合はそのエリアの人気が高く、非常に困難でしたが、彼女のおかげで最終的にベストな物件を見つけることができました。経験豊富でいろいろなコツも教えてくださるので助かります。サウスベイ、パロスバーデスエリアでしたら彼女を頼るのが一番です。一度連絡してみることを強くおすすめします。
by Hiroyuki C.
She was VERY VERY helpful in my desperate situation (which I believe was not her usual work) and went beyond her work to fulfill my needs. THANK YOU SO MUCH I can’t thank her enough!! おそらく管轄外のご依頼。しかも(当時)会った事のない私にまでとても親身になり相談に乗って頂きとてもとても感謝しております!今後益々のご活躍をお祈りしております!(絶対できる技量をお持ちだと思います!)
by Tomomi H.
Yui helped us find a new place to live in. She is very friendly and committed to supporting her clients. Her response was always quick and she was constantly proactive to support us. Although there were four applications, we worked as a team to win this game and finally could be the tenant of the nice house! We really appreciate her! We couldn't have done it without her. Yui speaks Japanese, Chinese, and English! wow! I strongly recommend her. I'm sure she'll be your great supporter and teammate!! 引越し先を探すお手伝いをしていただきました。いくつか譲れない条件があったのですが、Yuiさんは一つひとつの希望条件を丁寧に聞いて下さり、相談にものってくださいました。限られた期間の中でしたが、辛抱強く物件を探して下さり、最終的にとても満足のいく物件を見つけることができました。かなり競争率の高い物件でしたが、Yuiさんが積極的かつ迅速に動いてくださったおかげで、無事契約に至ることができました。ありがとうございました。明るく親しみやすいお人柄のYuiさん。英語、中国語も堪能で、お部屋&お家探しの心強いパートナー&チームメンバーになってくれます!
by Maki S.
by Akira U.
Quick and smooth communication would be one of the most important factors which differentiate an excellent real estate agent or not, especially under this overheated current market circumstances. And, of course, personal integrity is the foundation of this communication. Yui has both of them.
by Yusaku S.
She is definitely the best Real Estate Agent I've ever met. Since we were looking for a place residing outside of the U.S she contacted us over a different time zone and her generous work made us reach the place we wanted. We love the place where we are at and appreciate all her work finding this place. Thanks a lot, Yui!
by Fumie N.
by Chris N.
Yui has always been very responsive and helpful to make the process more realistic for us. 日本からLAに引っ越してくる前、いくつかネットで見つけた不動産会社に連絡してみたものの、なかなか話が進まなかったので、インスタで唯さんを見つけました。連絡したら、反応が早く、本当にどこから手をつけたらいいかわからないような話も具体的にしてくれて、現実味のある方向に持っていって下さったので、大変助かりました!
by Sanae K.
Yui is very friendly and easy to work with. She is always flexible and that really helped! こちらの条件に合わせて、物件を探してくださり、何軒も内覧させていただきました。とても気さくな方で、フレキシブルに対応してくださいました。入居後も気にかけていただき、大変ありがたかったです。
by Hazuki N.
Yui is GREAT! She helped us negotiate to get our home — and sellers were not the easiest to work with. It was also very competitive and Yui walked us through everything! We really wanted this specific home and she made it happen! Yui is a great communicator which was very important for us — she texts you back and keeps you in the know. She organized the inspections, negotiated repairs during escrow, and was so kind the entire time! We are so grateful we found her.
by Paul & Cat M.
It was quite stressful in this crazy seller's market! But thank you so much for helping us find a place, being a supporter along the way, and being a part of the dream coming true for our family. It was great working with you and couldn't have done it without you, Yui! So thankful for you!!
by Grace L.
とにかく懇切丁寧、かつスピーディーに対応してくださいました! とある休日に、希望に合う物件のオープンハウス情報が公開された瞬間にご連絡いただき、その日の午後には内見のアポイントを取り付けてくださいました。結果的に人気が出たために、オープンハウスは2日間で打ち切られたため、このタイミングでなければ見ることさえも叶わないところでした。 オファーの締切もその翌々日に繰り上げられて非常に急になったところ、判断に必要な情報とアドバイスをいただき、素早く気持ちよくオファーを出すことができました。 オファー後も的確に必要書類の提出など指示をいただいたり、売り主様へのお願いレターを作成していただいたり、カウンターオファーに対する回答のための情報収集・アドバイスをしていただいたりと本当に親身に動いてくださったおかげで、無事希望物件を購入することができました。 購入後は、煩雑な手続きについて、必要・重要な情報は住宅について素人の自分にも分かるよう、一つひとつ丁寧に説明してくださる一方、そうでもないことについては積極的に巻き取ってくださり、他のことでも忙しい時期の、法律や文化も違う国での大きな買い物ながら、ストレスも不安もなく進めることができました。エスクロー期間中に何度か、家具の購入の計画のための部屋の諸々のサイズの計測に付き添っていただいたこともありました。 オープンハウスの情報をいただいた朝から39日目には新居の鍵を受け取りました。アメリカでの初めての家の購入はジェットコースターのような体験でしたが、安心して進められたのは、Yuiさんのおかげです。本当にお世話になりました。ありがとうございました!
by K.K.
I worked with Yui over the summer to list my property. I was fortunate that she was multilingual and exactly what I was looking for. She immediately got to work and shared comps and based on many recent upgrades came up with an acceptable range and strategy for listing. Yui is always responsive which made all the communication as smooth as it could be!! Long story short, my place was on the market for about 2 weeks and after only 1 open house and a few last-minute showings, we had a ton of offers and a few over asking. Knowing nothing goes perfectly as planned, we continued to communicate with the new folks to ensure a happy transition from move out to move in. Recalling our conversations both prior and after we signed the listing contract no complication small or large was too big for her to handle.
by The Salazar family
今回初めての海外生活で幼い子供達を3人連れて行く為、家探しは私たちにとってとても重要なことでした。日本にまだ滞在していた時、たまたま見ていた物件のお問合せでしたがすぐにご連絡を頂き、そのときにzoomでご相談にのって頂きました。初対面なのにとても気さくで、親身にお話を聞いて頂き安心したことを覚えています。 何件か内見に行って頂きその都度迅速に動いて下さいました。物件が決まったときお電話下さり、一緒に喜んでくれた事がとても嬉しかったです。そしていざ引越する前後も、分からないことだらけだった私達家族の為に、沢山のアドバイスと手助けをして頂きました。物件のお手伝いだけでなく、引越に関わる事をここまで親切にご対応して頂いた事にとても感謝しています。 植野さんのお人柄なのかいつも私達も明るい気持ちになれたので、大変だった引越も前向きに乗り越える事ができました。本当にありがとうございました!
by The Yoshioka family
Yui is by far the best Real Estate Agent you could find in LA. We had a very short time frame to find our next house but she made the almost impossible possible. We found our new home in 7 days into looking and we closed our house within 14 days. Without her, we wouldn't have had our dream house we had always wanted. She is so dedicated, organized, ultra thoughtful and not to mention kind. She is not just a real estate agent, she is a good person who you would want to make friends with. She cares and she shows through her action. She has excellent communication skills that made us feel very at ease during the stressful process. It was a great pleasure working with her, and we would definitely love to work with her in the future! Thank you so very much!
by Kazumi A.
Yui is awesome! She is always on top of things, quick to reply, and follows through. She is incredibly knowledgeable, and you can fully rely on her to get the job done right. I highly recommend her!
by Jessica L.
Yui was able to find our most ideal home in less than a day. The property happened to be very popular and we had 5 other families competing for the same home. With her expertise and her relationship with the owner, we were fortunate enough to be chosen for the home!
by Mina N.
Yui has been my realtor for the past 3 years. She is amazing! She is professional and thoughtful. She made insightful recommendations in regards to my applications which have ended up helping me. Her persistence, in-depth knowledge, and work connections paid off in finding me my perfect home. I am forever grateful for her assistance and I highly recommend her!
by Julie K.
by Masaru Y.
by Rena F.
唯さんはLAで最も信頼できる不動産のエイジェントです。唯さんのお陰で、私ども夫婦、長年探し続けたdream house 🏡を見つける事ができました!アメリカ人のエイジェントも持っていましたが、やはり日本語でお話できたことはこちらの希望を十分に伝えられるということと購入後の法的手続や売り手との交渉においても不安なく進められたこともとても有難かったです。もう感謝しかありません。唯さんに出会って本当に良かったです。プロの日本人エイジェントとして、また何よりも信頼できるお人柄も含めて植野唯さんを心から推奨します!
by M.T.
Yui is hands down the best realtor my husband and I have the pleasure to work with, and we have dealt with a fair number of realtors being homeowners and renters at the same time. She is personable, detail oriented, and always on top of communications, which is a rarity in the current market. We contacted Yui on July 16th requesting to view a rental she listed, after observing that her information is consistently a day or two earlier than Redfin/Zillow. We were looking for a bigger rental and did not have time pressure to move, so we were expecting the process to take a few months. Long story short, the lease agreement of our new rental was signed on August 13th, and the property fits all our requirements. This is how efficient Yui is working for her clients. Yui was very accommodating with our viewing requests, and proactively contacts rental agents/owners on our behalf to facilitate viewing even before we ask. We couldn't have found and secure our ideal rental without Yui's help, and we highly recommend her services for anyone needing assistance on real estate matters. 👍
by Annie T.
Yui was instrumental in helping us find our rental home. We only had a short time to find a new place and Yui made the whole process a lot easier from scheduling showings, to submitting applications and ultimately finding us a great home! She is very personable, dedicated, and truly wanted to help us find the right rental. If you are reading this review, look no further, you have found the right agent.
by Mia M.
We have used Yui for years to help us find quality tenants for our rental properties. She always comes through with well qualified renters. Highly recommended.
by Ellis L.
初めての海外移住で、語学力も家の知識も不安だらけの中、運良くゆいさんのホームページにたどり着き、お願いすることができました。 最初にオンラインでお話したときから親身になって話を聞いてくださり、不安が少しずつ解消していき、とても心強かったです。 日本にいながら家を探し、ゆいさんに内見に行っていただいて、理想の家に住むことができました! 大家さんとのやり取りも迅速に丁寧にやってくださって、本当に有り難かったです。 おかげさまで、渡米後すぐに住む家があったので、安心して来ることができました。 家の契約のことだけでなく、その後のアメリカでの生活についても親身に相談に乗ってくださり、本当に感謝しています。 ありがとうございます!今後ともよろしくお願いいたします。
by Mona
ゆいさんのおかげで希望のスケジュール通り、満足のいく条件の新居が見つかりました! 一緒に行く内見も楽しく、プロフェッショナルな知識に大いに助けられました。大家さんとの連絡も迅速に行なってもらえストレスなく契約まで進みました。本当に感謝しています。また引っ越すときはゆいさんにお願いしたいです。
by Ayumi W.
Yui is a fantastic realtor! We were so grateful for her professionalism and constant communication as we looked for our next home. Couldn't recommend her enough!
by Maya H.
Yui is the best she is so professional and truly cares about her clients. She also did a great job finding us an awesome tenant so quickly. We would definitely recommend her to anyone for all your real estate needs! Thanks Yui!
by Michael J.

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