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Gardena is a city in Los Angeles County, it’s very family friendly. Living in Gardena offers residents an urban-suburban mixed feeling. In Gardena, there are a lot of restaurants, coffee shops, and parks. Until 2014, the US census cited the City of Gardena as the place with the highest percentage of Japanese Americans in California. Nowadays, there are still a lot of highly rated Japanese restaurants located in Gardena. There is not much to do in Gardena, but it’s absolutely an affordable and safe area to live in.

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Home Styles In The Neighbourhood

Cottage-style houses are often described as cozy and charming. They are typically on the smaller side when it comes to square footage but have a big personality.

The Craftsman-style focuses on the value of handmade, well-constructed architecture. Craftsman houses go against the mass-produced or cookie-cutter home developments – they are typically a horizontal, sturdy build. 


Townhomes typically make use of vertical space with multiple stories but save horizontal space by sitting side by side with other homes. Sometimes there are shared amenities among a collection of townhouses. There are some new developments in Gardena that are very popular.


Gardena is bordered on the north by Athens, on the east by Compton, on the south by Torrance, and on the west by Hawthorne and Alondra Park.

Generally, South Gardena is considered safer than the North area. 

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Gardena is in Los Angeles Unified School District. In addition to nine public and five private Elementary schools, the City has eight Preschools, one City-Operated Family Child Care program and three Japanese language schools. The elementary schools offer a tri-lingual Magnet in Japanese-Spanish-English and a bi-lingual Korean-English program. Peary Middle School has a Math-Science Magnet, and Gardena High School is the home of Southern California International Business Academy and a Foreign Language Magnet in French-Spanish-Japanese.

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