Thinking of Selling Real Estate?

The decision to sell your home is a big one. Whether this will be your first time on the selling side of the real estate process or you’ve done it several times before, as a trusted real estate professional, we can help you navigate the process and help answer any questions you may have.

Our Services For Sellers

Service Offering #1

Initial consultation:
Take some time to figure out why you are selling and clearly define your goals. Everyone has different reasons for selling; focusing on what is important to you and your family will help streamline the process. We will chat about it, and make sure to meet to your expectations.

Service Offering #2

Help prepare your home:
Once you have decided to sell, take a critical look at your home to be sure it’s in “move-in” condition. With some effort on your part, your home may sell more quickly and bring a better price. We will provide tips to prepare your home and take care of auditing your home in order to attract buyers.

Service Offering #3

Advertise & Show your home and get feedbacks:
We pay all advertising expenses, including some of the staging items, and you don’t pay me a dime until I bring you an ideal acceptable offer and successfully sells your property.It is never easy hearing negative remarks about your home, but knowing is half the battle. We will hold open houses and find out what feedback was given. Use this information to enhance your home’s presentation for future showings.

Service Offering #4

Handle all the offers and negotiations:
There are many components to an offer, and we will explain the entire process so that you are comfortable with all the steps involved.  You can reject or accept the initial offer. If you agree to some points of the offer but not others, you would submit a counter offer. The counter offer may differ from the original offer in respect to price, conditions, closing date, etc. Offers can be countered back and forth until one party accepts or rejects the offer, ending the negotiations altogether. We will make sure to handle all the offers to find the ONE you are really willing to accept.

Service Offering #5

Smooth Escrow Process:
Escrow is a process that provides for a fair and equitable transfer of property between a buyer and a seller, where both parties entrust legal documents and various funds to the escrow holder. The escrow holder in turn has the responsibility of seeing that all the terms and conditions of escrow are carried out before the transfer of any funds or property are exchanged. Using escrow as a neutral third-party assures both the buyer and seller that all mutually agreed to terms are met before the transaction is completed; therefore, minimizing risk. We will ensure every paperwork is properly managed and deadlines are met.

Service Offering #6

Provide a Client-specific DropBox link:
When closing is finished, you should not only be prepared to hand over the keys, but any copies of documentation that relates to the property and its amenities. You will receive a copy of the documentation you signed together with a statement of costs. After closing, we will provide a Client-specific DropBox link with all fully-executed documents for your ease and convenience.

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Have Questions About Selling?

Check out our FAQs selling buying real estate in South Bay, California.

When you are ready. Every real estate market is different, therefore, the best time to sell a home will be different from community to community. Don’t wait for perfect conditions to sell – they don’t exist.

Think of the process as equivalent to giving a job interview. Do they know your local market? Price points? Types of homes? What is their track record for sales in your community? Can they provide testimonials? Before you talk to a realtor, take your time to think about what is the most important thing to you when choosing an agent.

Every Realtor will have a preferred length. One thing to keep in mind when asking about the length of a listing agreement is the average days on the market. If the average days on the market in your local real estate are 75, a 90-day listing agreement may not be enough.

Commission is negotiable, period. The saying, “you get what you pay for” is also true when it comes to real estate. Choosing an agent based solely on the fact they offer the lowest commission amount is a mistake made by home sellers when choosing a representative to sell their home.

Don’t be afraid to back out of the deal — you have never gone too far until all the contingencies have been removed.


When Listing Your Home

Solution: Your Realtor can research comparable sales in your area and advise you of the appropriate price range of your property.

SOLUTION: One reason to hire a real estate professional is to make sure that no money is left on the table.

SOLUTION: Ask your real estate professional to determine whether the market cycle is poised to net you the most money.

SOLUTION: Don’t base your selling decisions on the seasons. Property sells year round.

SOLUTION: If your home is easy for agents to show, more potential buyers will see it, which will improve your odds of getting the deal you want. If your specific lifestyle is not be compatible with frequent showings, your agent will help you determine a solution that will best fit your situation.

SOLUTION: Make sure your agent is up-to-date with the latest technology, such as internet sites that cater to home buyers, online ads marketings, etc… Check to see what technology is being utilized in your specific area. A good agent will know where you can get the best exposure.

SOLUTION: Put some items in storage, create more light, play music or otherwise improve the “ambiance.” Your agent can offer helpful advice to create the right first impression.

SOLUTION: Most sellers are unaware that 80% of all buyer activity comes from the sign and MLS — any agent can provide that. So, if you don’t have a problem showing the home, but it hasn’t generated any interested buyers, it may be time to re-evaluate the price.

SOLUTION: Don’t blow a potential sale by an unkempt lawn, cluttered closets, unpainted front door, hard to work locks, blown light bulbs, bad colors, stains, and bad odors. Spend time on the little things during this period.

SOLUTION: Don’t make any improvements prior to listing without consulting with us. Some upgrades will not yield any real increase in value, while others may increase property value substantially. Ask your agent to suggest low cost solutions to minor repairs that will yield the best profits.

SOLUTION: You should never give too little time to prepare your house before selling it. Estimate how much time you have before you need to sell and then plan ahead to allow extra time. You don’t want to be forced to accept a disappointing offer.

SOLUTION: Sellers themselves are responsible for at least 1 in 10 sales! Network your business and personal friends, hand out flyers, and keep the house in move-in condition. Your Realtor should be ready to hand you all sorts of assignments to make “team effort” successful.

SOLUTION: Never list your property unless you really want a sale! Get ready for a professional sales push when you list with a great agent. If your plan harbors some indecision, resolve it prior to listing, because success is every great Realtors’ objective!

What Our Clients Have to Say...

Yui was just so diligent and speedy! There were a series of situations that required very quick decisions, but each time she gave me the information and advice I needed to make a decision, which allowed me to make the offer quickly and comfortably. After the offer was made, Yui gave me precise instructions on how to submit the required documents, prepared a nice letter to the seller, collected information, and gave me advice on how to respond to the counter-offer, etc. Thanks to her kindness, I was able to successfully purchase this property. After the purchase, she carefully explained all the necessary and important information about the complicated procedures one by one so that even I, knowing very little about purchasing a house, could understand them. She also proactively took care of the less important matters on my behalf. I was able to proceed without stress or anxiety, despite the fact that I was making a major purchase at a time when I was busy with other things, and in a country with different laws and cultures. Several times during the escrow period, she accompanied me to measure the size of the room for my furniture purchase plan. On the 39th day from the morning I received the information about the open house, I received the key to my new house. My first buying a house in the U.S. was a roller coaster experience, but I was able to proceed with ease thanks to Yui. Thank you so much for all your help!
by Kazu K.
私達が初めて家を購入するときにとてもお世話になりました。軽い気持ちで家を見に行ったところ、とても気にいる家に出会い、購入を決めましたが、何をしたら良いのか何が必要なのかまったくわかりませんでした。そんな私達のために、何度も時間をとって説明してくれて、書類の準備から手続きすべてを丁寧に進めてくれました。他からもいくつかオファーがあった中私達が購入することができたのも、私達がいかに家を気に入ったかという気持ちを丁寧にセラー側へ伝えてくれたおかげだと思っています。 初めての購入ということで、何度も不安になったり、やっぱり購入はやめようかとも思ったりしましたが、そのたびに私達の気持ちに寄り添って話を聞いて不安を解消してくれました。今では子供が新しいお家大好きと言って喜んで過ごしてくれているので、購入できて本当によかったと思っています。
by Junko K.
Yui is very responsible and detailed oriented. She worked really hard to make sure my need is fulfilled and go through the documents with me extensively. She’s also very understanding and patient especially when I need to withdraw my previous offer. I would definitely recommend her to my friends.
by Peiyu Z.
She is timely, precise, committing, and kind. My case was so challenging because the area was so competitive but we finally found the best place thanks to her. She has plenty of experience and she shares tips and tricks for your best result. I would definitely recommend her to anybody looking for a place to live in the area. 正確で素早く、細かいところまでサポートが行き届いています。私の場合はそのエリアの人気が高く、非常に困難でしたが、彼女のおかげで最終的にベストな物件を見つけることができました。経験豊富でいろいろなコツも教えてくださるので助かります。サウスベイ、パロスバーデスエリアでしたら彼女を頼るのが一番です。一度連絡してみることを強くおすすめします。
by Hiroyuki C.
She was VERY VERY helpful in my desperate situation (which I believe was not her usual work) and went beyond her work to fulfill my needs. THANK YOU SO MUCH I can’t thank her enough!! おそらく管轄外のご依頼。しかも(当時)会った事のない私にまでとても親身になり相談に乗って頂きとてもとても感謝しております!今後益々のご活躍をお祈りしております!(絶対できる技量をお持ちだと思います!)
by Tomomi H.
Yui helped us find a new place to live in. She is very friendly and committed to supporting her clients. Her response was always quick and she was constantly proactive to support us. Although there were four applications, we worked as a team to win this game and finally could be the tenant of the nice house! We really appreciate her! We couldn't have done it without her. Yui speaks Japanese, Chinese, and English! wow! I strongly recommend her. I'm sure she'll be your great supporter and teammate!! 引越し先を探すお手伝いをしていただきました。いくつか譲れない条件があったのですが、Yuiさんは一つひとつの希望条件を丁寧に聞いて下さり、相談にものってくださいました。限られた期間の中でしたが、辛抱強く物件を探して下さり、最終的にとても満足のいく物件を見つけることができました。かなり競争率の高い物件でしたが、Yuiさんが積極的かつ迅速に動いてくださったおかげで、無事契約に至ることができました。ありがとうございました。明るく親しみやすいお人柄のYuiさん。英語、中国語も堪能で、お部屋&お家探しの心強いパートナー&チームメンバーになってくれます!
by Maki S.
by Akira U.
Quick and smooth communication would be one of the most important factors which differentiate an excellent real estate agent or not, especially under this overheated current market circumstances. And, of course, personal integrity is the foundation of this communication. Yui has both of them.
by Yusaku S.
She is definitely the best Real Estate Agent I've ever met. Since we were looking for a place residing outside of the U.S she contacted us over a different time zone and her generous work made us reach the place we wanted. We love the place where we are at and appreciate all her work finding this place. Thanks a lot, Yui!
by Fumie N.
by Chris N.

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