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Irvine is known for its beautiful parks, friendly people who reside there, low crime and great schools. With Irvine’s population expected to continue growing, this California city is sure to become an even more popular area for living and business. A number of corporations, particularly in the technology and semiconductor sectors, have their national or international headquarters in Irvine.  Fun fact, Irvine has been named America’s safest city by the FBI every year since 2005. But it isn’t just one of the safest cities in the U.S—it’s also one of the safest places to live in the world!

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Irvine borders Tustin to the north, Santa Ana to the northwest, Lake Forest to the east, Laguna Hills and Laguna Woods to the southeast, Costa Mesa to the west, and Newport Beach to the southwest. Irvine also shares a small border with Orange to the north on open lands by the California State Route 261.

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Contemporary homes today often incorporate elements from modernist styles. Many boast eco-friendly materials and design with a focus on clean lines and natural textures. 

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Modern homes possess a sleek, uncluttered design that meets an appreciation for nature through large windows and a mix of natural and man-made materials. 

A townhome is an individually owned dwelling that shares at least one wall with another unit and has its own entrance and garage. Townhomes typically make use of vertical space with multiple stories but save horizontal space by sitting side by side with other homes. 


Irvine Unified School District is a top rated, public school district located in IRVINE, CA. It is rated #7 out of 704 as Safest School Districts in California, and #15 out of 438 as Best School Districts in California.

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