Top 5 things homebuyers worry about when shopping for a home…but they shouldn’t

Top 5 things homebuyers worry about but shouldn't

When buying a home, there are things you need to pay attention to and things you need to ignore. When you know which is which, you’ll end up with a home you love and no regrets or surprises. 

In this short video, I will go over 5 top things home buyers usually worry about, but they really shouldn’t. Watch to the end to get the bonus tips for what you should pay attention to instead. 

So here are the 5 top things home buyers usually worry about:

#1 Seller’s style and decor

When the buyers see the outdated paint color and fixtures, they immediately feel like, “No, this is not the home for me”. But wait, repainting the wall to a trendy color or any color that suits your personality, Installing new cabinet hardware in the kitchen, or replacing discolored recessed lights with energy-saving LEDs, is not that hard. There are many budget-friendly home renovation ideas buyers can consider after they purchase the home. So, you should ignore Seller’s style and decor.

#2 Clutter and disorganization

Well, I totally understand “first impression is important”. But you know, life happens, especially when the sellers still live there, sometimes it’s hard for them to keep the house in show-ready condition. So don’t let the Clutter, Dirt, Crowded Countertops, or seller’s personal interests bother you too much. Using your imagination to eliminate those things might need practice, but it will definitely help you focus on things that are more important to you.

#3 Poor landscaping or junky yard

I totally understand, as a Buyer, you will judge the home by its landscaping. But the good news is, With a little planning, you can make your lawn look green and gorgeous without breaking your bank.

#4 Price per sqft

I have seen many buyers try to calculate the price per sqft to decide which one is a better deal. In my opinion, that is a huge mistake. Homes are very different from one to another. Averages can help you visualize how much you’ll have to pay for each square foot of space, but they don’t specify the quality of that space. When the property is in a better location or upgraded with many amenities, or with a panoramic view, usually the Price per sqft will be higher.

#5 Days on market

When buyers see properties sit on the market for more than 30 days, they would think “mmmm, if no one wants this property, maybe something is wrong with it, and I want to pass on this one too.” No, don’t jump to a conclusion so easily! Days on Market is just an indicator of how well a home is priced. The length of time a home sits on the market, the lower the sales price tends to be. That means, if you like the property, there is a better chance for you to negotiate with the seller and lower the price. It could be a good chance for you to get a good deal.


Now you know the top 5 things you don’t need to worry about too much, next let’s talk about 5 top Things you need to pay attention to:

#1 Location and neighborhood

Remember, you can’t change the location afterward, so make sure you love it. Buy in a great school district even if you don’t have kids. It’ll make reselling down the road much easier for you. 

#2 Your budget + cost of improvements

You don’t have to buy at the high end of your price range. In fact, you shouldn’t. Leave some room in your monthly budget for repairs, renovations, and the unexpected would help you in a long run.

#3 Your non-negotiables list

If you have been looking for a while, but feel like it takes forever to find something you like. I highly recommend that you create a “Needs(non-negotiables)” list and a “Wants” list. This will help you focus on the things that are most important to you.

#4 Floor plans / Layout

Floor plans are the foundation of a well-designed room. They can help you visualize what’s possible with your space and help show you the relationship between rooms, as well as how they flow together. They can also help you see how your furniture would fit into space and if the layout fits your lifestyle.

#5 Condition of major systems like HVAC and roof

Cheap, low-quality, and poorly installed HVAC units sometimes can break down much easier and faster. A poorly installed HVAC system is more likely to experience up to 30% reduction in efficiency levels. Also, the average roof replacement cost for a 2,000 sq. ft. home is about $8,000 – $12,000 in 2022. So you want to make sure those major systems are in good condition, or you might want to keep in mind to negotiate with the seller once you are in escrow.​​

how to search a home like a pro

So that touches on a few of my tips for getting you to understand what things you need to pay attention to.

Remember, “You can’t have everything you want, but you can have the things that really matter to you.” Now, if you want to know how to search homes efficiently, you should check out my next video 9 tips for searching homes strategically so you won’t waste your time”, take a look at the link below. See you next time!

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